For those interested in diving deeper into the benefits of the capital markets, our Investment Advisors take the responsibility of managing your assets and structuring your personal portfolio. They make daily investment decisions, taking into account your personal circumstances, desires and goals.

What are the benefits of this type of portfolio management?

Investors can reap the benefits of being personally active in the trading process, while the need to constantly monitor the markets and do the necessary analysis themselves is eliminated. Aside from the professional management of your portfolio, this product also offers you reduced trading costs, which you would incur at higher rates if you were to trade by yourself.

The 3 main advantages of this product are:

  1. Professionalism: we use structural and disciplined management that results in a consistent investment policy.
  2. Active management: we seek long term results, while at the same time actively using the opportunities of the short-term trends to profit from certain economic developments.
  3. Capital protection and global diversification: we reduce the risks of investing in the securities markets.


Balanced Investments with Stopanska Banka ad Bitola and Generali Investments AD Skopje!

Following the dynamic financial trends in order to integrate security and investment, for the first time on our market we have created a new combined product – Investment Deposit.

While the financial markets are facing constantly decreasing in the interest rates on deposits, this product is a combination of deposit and fund and offers unique premium interest rate.

Product description

Interest rate: 3.5% (MKD); 2.4% (EUR)

Minimum amount: 6.000 MKD

Maximum amount: 10,000 EUR in appropriate MKD counter value

Characteristic: Half of the money are placed in the bank as a deposit, and other half is invested in Generali Top Brands

Time frame: 36 months

Interest rate type: Fixed

Interest payment: annually, after 12 months from the date of deposit

Unit linked products

Generals Investments linked the investment in funds with the security of life insurance from Wiener Life and Croatia Life Insurance. We created a new opportunity for family protection. We believe in better future through life protection.

Why this product?

  • Investing in an equity fund without entry fee
  • Life insurance and investment for you and your family
  • The value of your investment is protected by a currency clause
  • You become indirect shareholders in foreign well-known companies
  • Professional fund management
  • Diversification of portfolio by countries, currencies, instruments
  • Automatic reinvestment of profits

While this product enables you to secure your future, it also offers you greater profits. In order to meet your needs and desires, depending on your investor profile we offer you a choice between two products – DYNAMIC and BALANCED.

Generali Investments, your lifetime partner

Dynamic product

For dynamic investors, together with Winner Life and Uniqa Life we have created excellent combination of life insurance and investing in Generali Top Brands. We give you the opportunity to decide on your own distribution of insurance and equity investments in world known companies.

Balanced Product

For balanced investors the right choice is Garant Invest – life insurance investment together with Croatia Insurance – Life. The product is intended for those willing to accept the risk diversification through combined investment – investing in Generali Top Brands in order to achieve higher expected return and life assurance in case of death or in case of realization of insurance policy while providing guaranteed insured amount.