Fund details

1-year performance* 3-year performance* 5-year performance*
2,48 % 5,37 % 8,52 %
Generali Cash Deposit
Fund type Equity
Custody fee
0,20 %
Subscription fee 0% - 0 %
Redemption fee 0% - 0 %
Management fee 0,5 %
Fund's incorporation date 15. 09. 2012
NAV 28.02.2024 (in MKD) 1.938.761.717,11
Bank account 210-0636457806-70
ISIN code 9110000000097

The investment objective of the fund is to increase the value of the property, to achieve a constant increase in the value of the share and a high level of confidence in the investment. Generali Cash Deposit is extremely useful and simple tool for legal entities who are aware of the benefits of active management of current assets. Also, the fund is also intended for individuals who want to make return on their savings without being bound by time limits. The time period recommended for investing in the fund is not limited, that is, depends on individual preferences.

* Podatki na obračunski dan 28.02.2024




Where and in what does the fund invest?

The funds of the fund are invested in deposits, in the market money and in debt securities of issuers from the Republic of Macedonia, the EU and the OECD.

Portfolio structure

Date: 31.12.2023

Consult our expert

Tell us about your wishes, the acceptable risk level, the amount you would like to invest, and the time period of investment. Based on that and together with you, we can compose a portfolio of funds or prepare a savings plan.

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Registration form

Any natural or legal person can access to the selected fund and makes transaction by filling in registration form. The registration form contains the investor identification and contact information, as well as a written statement in which he/she declares that is familiar with the fund's rules of operation and fully understands and accepts them.

The completed and certified registration form can be submitted every working day at the Company's office or by email:

Selling form

If you decided to withdraw your savings from the fund, you must complete the selling form - state the amount and transaction account that you used.

The completed and certified selling form can be submitted every working day at the Company's office or by email:

If you need help to fill in the form, you can call us on the following telephone numbers +3892 60 90 300 or +389 78 424 885, each working day from 09:00 to 15:00.